Friday, February 27, 2015

JIAS special issue: "HIV and adolescents: focus on young key populations"

Dear colleagues,

CIPHER is pleased to announce the publication of the JIAS special issue “HIV and adolescents: focus on young key populations”, co-edited by guest editors Linda-Gail Bekker and Sybil Hosek.

This supplement highlights the HIV-specific issues and challenges encountered by young people, particularly those identified as being a part of a key population. While a decrease in new HIV infections and deaths have been observed in other age groups, these continue to increase dramatically in adolescents, making them a group urgently in need of focus in the overall global fight against HIV. Young key populations (YKPs), including young men who have sex with men, transgender youth, young people who sell sex, those who inject drugs, young women as well as various combinations of these, have been identified as bearing a disproportionate burden of HIV. In addition, YKPs encounter high levels of stigma and discrimination, posing additional barriers for getting tested for HIV, accessing services and adhering to treatment.

The articles in this supplement aim to identify the current gaps in understanding of the HIV-related issues faced by YKPs while calling for innovative and comprehensive approaches to linking them to the HIV prevention and treatment cascades. This special issue covers topics related to tailoring combination prevention packages to the needs of YKPs, facilitating access to HIV testing and health services, enabling adherence to treatment, addressing and providing support for the specific mental health needs of YKPs while also addressing the legal and policy frameworks that directly impact on their health.  

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